Glossy Decorative Stones Reseller Price List - Valid from 23rd February 2023

Dear Partner! Below you will find the prices of our products. The prices are per unit and ex-works. For further discounts, please inquire through the provided contacts. We look forward to receiving your order!

PRICE RANGES (detailed prices are available with the images):

8 kg plastic container packaging, primarily for use in pots and pedestals - suitable for smaller surfaces.

The prices are net factory prices per packaging unit. One pallet can accommodate 64 boxes.

6,9 €

15 kg bag packaging, suitable for use in gardens, homes, bath and wellness areas, and pathways - ideal for medium and large surfaces.

Net factory prices per packaging unit. 1 pallet can accommodate 60 bags.

10,9 €

1000 kg big-bag or palletized high-volume packaging, suitable for use on rooftops, as well as public areas, hotels, office buildings, parks, wellness centers, exhibitions, and larger gardens - ideal for large continuous surfaces.

The prices apply universally to all types listed on the following pages.

670,0 €

Standard Collection 2023:

"SELECTION 2023" Collection: