Important! The product range is constantly expanding and there are also limited editions. So it's worth visiting this page more often!

Shiny decorative pebbles:

1. Standard collection: get the most out of the pebbles, show the naturalness in your garden, in your apartment differently. Thanks to the special technology, the pebbles in the "Stone and Home" collection look as if you have just taken them out of the water: their colors are strong, the surface shines. Gray changed to black, matte to exclusive gloss. You can use the products of the collection alone or in combination, in different sizes both indoors and outdoors, the gloss remains lasting.

Stone and Home Standard collection
Stone and Home Standard collection

You can choose between three basic colors and 3 sizes: mixed ("Colormix"), white and black. Sizes: Colormix M (3-6 cm), Colormix B (5-10 cm), White S (1-3 cm), White M (3-6 cm), White B (6-10 cm), Black S ( 1-3 cm), black M (3-6 cm), black B (6-10 cm).

2. Collection "SELECTION 2020 - Crystal": silver anthracite - small (1-3 cm)

3. "SELECTION 2020 - gemstone" collection: gold - available in medium size (3-6 cm)

"SELECTION 2020" Limited Edition!

Flat stone, "Fish Gray", is available in two sizes (M and B collection). Does it look wet? Yes, although it is only made with "Stone and Home" technology.

Thanks to their flat shape, these special stones open up a new opportunity in decoration. Their appearance is characterized by unusually high brightness and a pleasant gray tone due to the unique surface finish. "Stone and Home fish-gray" stones are typically 2-3 cm thick, but their width can reach up to 15 cm (big size collection) !