Prices and packaging

Our company sells its products in pallet units. If you would like to buy in a smaller batch, visit our resellers directly or through their web store. If you get stuck, contact us at the contact details.

Important note: the prices below are recommended retail prices, excluding VAT. Prices may vary depending on the place, method and quantity purchased. There may be price differences between each color.

8 kg plastic box packaging, mainly for pots, decorative bowls, aquariums - for smaller surfaces

Recommended retail price per packaging unit.

EUR 14,80

15 kg bag packaging, for garden, apartment, spa and wellness areas, access roads - for medium and large surfaces

Recommended retail price per packaging unit.

EUR  23,90

900 kg big-bag or pallet elevated packaging, for roof terraces and for large areas connected to public areas, hotels, office buildings, parks, wellness, exhibitions and larger gardens

* Individual price category depending on the size of the project, the price is for information only.

*EUR 1360

"Standard" collection:

"SELECTION 2020" collection: